Diversity at Meltwater

Since our founding in 2001 in Oslo, Norway, we have operated with a global mindset. Today, we are proud to have built Meltwater into an international company composed of individuals with a diverse range of backgrounds and skill sets. However, like many other companies, we can continue to do more to support internal and external D&I initiatives—and we are committed to doing so!

Activities Around Diversity

Diversity is highly valued at Meltwater, which is why we have created several internal programs dedicated to ensuring that Meltwater remains an inclusive working environment for all employees. 

We have also established partnerships with a number of external organizations fighting for social justice and racial equity to provide them with free access to our platform and consultation services.

Statement from Our CEO

“One of our core values is Respekt (the Norwegian word for respect), and as the CEO of Meltwater, I am committed to ensuring that all of our employees uphold all of our values. 

Over the past two decades we have built a global network of talent composed of individuals with diverse backgrounds, experiences and ways of thinking, and we will continue to do so in the decades to come.”

John Box, Meltwater CEO

What is

Our affinity group, mPowered, is dedicated to supporting Meltwater’s D&I goals through discussion, education and advocacy. This employee-led group is open to all employees interested in influencing and champion Meltwater’s D&I goals.

The group hosts monthly meetings, which serve as collaborative forums where employees can communicate feedback as well as further educate themselves on D&I issues. 

mPowered has chapters in the Americas, APAC and EMEA, and each chapter’s activities include: 

 •  Hosting forums with internal and external speakers
•  Organizing events around equity, social justice, and inclusion
•  Creating networking opportunities for employees 

Apart from connecting employees around a common interest, the monthly forum serves as a welcoming space for new and current employees in a minority or marginalized group.

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